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Transformational Acupuncture for Anxiety, Depression & Stress

Stressed man at work needs acupuncture

I am excited to tell you about the Transformational Acupuncture seminar that I have just completed. I see so many people trying to cope with everyday stresses, anxiety and depression. I can't stress (haha!) enough how important it is to manage our anxiety and stress. All too quickly our body lets us know that we are not coping and important things like sleep are affected.

I see clients that have multiple problems due to a lack of coping with stress. There can be muscular tightness and pain, digestive problems, sleep issues, allergies, foggy headed, forgetfulness, headaches, the list is endless. Acupuncture is great at relieving and managing stress. Of course, I also have dietary suggestions, lifestyle advice and herbal medicine that can help to keep you calm and thinking clearly.

Now I have another technique to add to my skills - Transformational Acupuncture. This technique was taught to me by the very experienced and knowledgeable GP Dr Joannou. He has had amazing success in treating depression, anxiety and stress with specific acupuncture points and is currently conducting a research project to share his results. The treatment involves the shallow insertion of needles firstly lying face down, with a lovely relaxing time, and then followed by another relaxing period with the shallow insertion of needles while lying face up. Dr Joannou has had clients able to stop taking their antidepressants (in collaboration with their prescribing Dr) utilizing this technique.

According to the Acupuncture Evidence Project, 2017, there is evidence of a potential positive effect in the treatment of Depression, with antidepressants, with acupuncture. Additionally, there is the potential use for acupuncture in the treatment of anxiety too. With over 1 million Australians suffering with depression and 2 million experiencing anxiety you are not alone. If you have any questions please send me a message, I am more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have. I like to use a gentle approach and put my clients in control of their treatments. To relieve your symptoms of depression or anxiety Book Now.

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