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Are you coping with the cold?

Dr Kate winter

Now that we are in the middle of Winter the weather here in Melbourne feels particularly cold. If you're like me you may be feeling the cold intolerable. Have you got cold hands and feet most of the time? Does your lower back feel cold and sore? Or are you feeling so much better now that the weather is cold and there are no flushes or overheating?

We're all different and that is the beauty and magic of Chinese Medicine. It treats you as an individual and addresses your problems as you experience them. If you feel the cold and can't seem to warm up, moxa is great for this.


What is moxa? It is a herb called Mugwort which happens to burn very hot. I can use it instead of or as well as needles. It is rolled up into a cigar and held above the skin. It creates a lovely warm sensation and is very soothing. I have used it for shoulder injuries, arthritis, fertility, aging, feeling cold, digestive issues, menstrual problems, just to name a few.

Do you find that you feel worse in Winter? According to Chinese Medicine, Winter is a time to hibernate, go to bed early and wake up late. We should be enjoying lots of cooked foods; soups and stews are especially good for us at this times of year. If you're feeling the cold, add ginger to your soups, or drink ginger tea. Just put a slice of ginger into a mug and add boiling water. You can use the same piece of ginger over and over throughout the day. Cinnamon is also lovely and warming, put it on your porridge, add it to your apple crumble, sprinkle it on your hot drinks. Yummy.

Winter is related to the Kidneys in Chinese Medicine. So make sure you are keeping your lower back and knees warm with extra layers this Winter. Adding bone broth to soups and stews is very nourishing at this time of year. There is no special recipe for this, just make sure you break up the bones when you make the stock so that the nourishing marrow is utilised. Vegetarian? Eat more kidney beans, or black beans to feel better through the cold months.

Are you feeling tired? Achy? Cold? Is your lower back troubling you? Or are you having trouble shaking a cold or cough that just won't go away? Make an appointment today.

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