July 16, 2019

Now that we are in the middle of Winter the weather here in Melbourne feels particularly cold. If you're like me you may be feeling the cold intolerable. Have you got cold hands and feet most of the time? Does your lower back feel cold and sore? Or are you feeling so m...

January 30, 2019

This can be a time of increased stress for many families. There is the settling into school, back to hectic mornings, and trying to get kids (and ourselves!) back into a routine. With the addition of those dreaded lunches and snacks to prepare.

One of the things that I...

January 15, 2019

Here in Melbourne at the moment we're in the middle of a heat wave so pretty much everyone is feeling the heat. I have some tips and Acupressure points that you can use to cool down

December 12, 2018

1. Delegate. Everyone likes to feel wanted and to be involved. Give specific tasks to family and friends, ask everyone to contribute by bringing food. This way you don’t have to do it all and everyone can participate. Relinquishing control allows you to feel generous a...

November 28, 2018

This is a fun, exciting, and stressful time of year! 

I have always liked to make my presents for family and friends. I find it is cheaper, lots of fun, and less stressful because I don't have to tackle the shops and the hustle and bustle involved with all of that! I en...

June 19, 2018

The art of fire cupping. I love cupping. I love receiving it and administering it. What does cupping actually do? Why should you get cupping? From a Western Medical perspective cupping stimulates blood circulation, it breaks up adhesions, and can allow toxins to be dra...

April 10, 2018

 What happens when you come to see me for a Chinese Medicine appointment? Firstly, I like to get to know you. What you do, why you have come to me and everything that is going on in your life. In Chinese medicine we believe that everything is interconnected and interre...

March 28, 2018

I am excited to tell you about the Transformational Acupuncture seminar that I have just completed. I see so many people trying to cope with everyday stresses, anxiety and depression. I can't stress (haha!) enough how important it is to manage our anxiety and stress. A...

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November 28, 2018

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